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I am Miss Papercut, otherwise known as Stephanie Hosmer.

I started Miss Papercut in 2013 after an inspirational trip to Malaysia where I was surrounded by papercut art. On my return to the UK I started teaching myself how to papercut. I was already a freelance illustrator (see, so I used my skills to create my own designs and cut them. In 2014 I had kidney disease and was put on high dose steriods. This gave me cushings syndrome and caused me to break my leg. In the 8 months that took to heal I set up Miss Papercut as a business (I would have gone stir crazy if it wasn't for this!).

My designs are inspired from a variety of places; the beautiful Kent countryside where I live, famous British phrases and Salcombe in Devon where I go every year to lark about on boats.

Most people who meet me would describe me as bubbly, funny and a bit crazy (maybe a bit is being kind). I hope this translates into Miss Papercut. I want people to have a bit of fun and lovliness injected into their lives through my designs.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to know more!

With love

Miss Papercut

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